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Local Artists

Local Artist – Robyn Jackson

Robyn Jackson is exhibiting her works again at Gallery 126 due to popular demand. She explains that she’s most looking forward to hearing how her audience interprets her work.

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Carl Merten – Local Artist

Carl Merten’s latest exhibition, Iron and Clay, opens on 15 June, 5pm to 7 pm. The exhibition showcases recent sculptures focusing on the disparate qualities of these two materials and expresses Carl’s ongoing explorations of figurative and abstract forms.  Read more

Stuart Boggs – Local Artist

New Works by Stuart Boggs is the next exhibition to open at Gallery 126, on Friday 2 March. We asked Stuart about his work, influences on his art and the exhibition.

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Kerry Wilson – Local Artist

Kerry Wilson is exhibiting at Gallery 126 during February. She explains that her inspiration comes from the strong contrasts in the local rock, trees and landscapes.

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Isabelle Devos – Local Artist

We talk to local artist Isabelle Devos, who is about to open her exhibition, From There to Here, at Gallery 126 (25 Nov until 23 Dec).

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Nadia Waters – Local Artist

Meet Nadia Waters. Her exhibition at gallery 126 is dedicated to our local
Threlfall walking track around the Gara Gorge National Park, (the Blue Hole).

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Winifred Belmont – Local Artist

How did you first become interested in painting?
I’ve been interested in painting, drawing and generally making things for as long as I can remember.

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Kerry Gulliver – Local Artist

Kerry’s early passion for painting has developed into a personal quest to achieve the ultimate work of art.

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Pat Elkin – Local Artist

Artist Pat Elkin is well known for her contribution to the local arts. she has been the recent recipient of the very prestigious imagine award.

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Anna Curtis – Local Artist

What inspired your interest in art? Being creative is the essence of who I am. I’ve had the urge to create, to make ‘things’, for as long as I can remember. As a child, creativity was always encouraged by my parents.

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