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Leanne Roobol has been Director of Music at New England Girls’ School since 2007. We speak with Leanne about the music program at NEGS, the recent choral trip to Britain, and the success of former students here and overseas.  Read more

Principal Charlie Allen drops us a line about the exciting things to come at O’Connor Catholic College.  Read more

Marissa Campbell-Service from New England Girls’ School talks about her experience helping others on a Christian service expedition to Thailand during the recent school holidays. We speak to Marissa and NEGS Chaplain Karen Eastment … Read more

PLC Armidale is consistently ranked in the top 100 schools this year they earned Number 1 ranking in the New England Region.

“It should come as no surprise that a Christian school values community service.”


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New England Girls’ School is one of only three NSW schools, but more than 80 internationally, that are members of the Round Square organisation Read more

The start of a new year means there are many school leavers assessing career options, as they move into the next phase of their lives. Read more

There are some things in life that are simply MEANT TO BE. Here is a special story of two sisters, Louise Cox and Jeanette Newman, seeking to share their mother’s legacy of education. At the same time, local girl Sarah Mortimer nurtured a dream of becoming a NEGS student. Read more

We have a whole range of pastoral care events and activities at PLC Armidale. Some of the activities aim to build support for students, establish and reinforce good relationships; others are about reaching out to and being part of, the school and the wider community. We spoke to the Pastoral Care Co-ordinators Robyn Hadfield, Anita Brown and Kate Clynch about some of their initiatives.

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We chat with Rosa Mertens, Boongaiai’s Director. Rosa came to Armidale several years ago to do further study after completing her Steiner teacher training at Parsifal College, Sydney. Boongaiai is a preschool with all types of children is a richer place for the diversity.

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